Our Mission & Philosophy

Nurses With Global Impact (NWGI) is a global community effort initiated by Deb O’Hara Rusckowski.

Its mission is to connect, support and celebrate the work of nurses everywhere, bringing visibility to nurses doing extraordinary work and their projects that make a global impact on healthcare. We share their experiences and stories on the web and via social media.


NWGI is a digital media platform and volunteer effort. It is a humanitarian non-profit initiative.

The mission is to highlight the field of NURSING — its creative, compassionate care delivered around the world — in different cultures, different venues, and in

many different ways. We emphasize the philosophy that nursing is truly universal, yet, with the many common characteristics that are shared by nurses, there are as many, if not more, unique characteristics that make individual nurses shine! We try to feature all of the talent, expertise and love that goes into the various roles of the NURSE!

NWGI sponsors the International Nurses Day event at the United Nations annually to commemorate nursing’s founder, Florence Nightingale’s birth. We recognize and honor nurses in front line roles who demonstrate exemplary practice by impacting the global delivery of healthcare, celebrating their work and supporting their programs.