Nominating Organization: RAD-AID

Moving Through India To Screen, Educate and Support Thousands of Women: Rupinder Kaur

Rupinder Kaur is a registered nurse who earned her degree in 2013 from the Mahabir School of Nursing, Ambala City, Haryana, India. After working in an ICU for a year to gain clinical experience, Rupinder joined The Post Graduate and Institution for Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) and at the same time became an active professional supporting the Asha Jyoti program in Chandigarh, India.

Serving a large population of women who otherwise would have no access to radiology for breast, cervical and osteoporosis screenings, Rupinder has provided critical support, performing thousands of colposcopies and VIA based cervical screenings to impoverished women in need. Rupinder has undergone extensive training under the supervision of Dr. Rashmi Bagga in the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and under the direction of Dr. Khandelwal and Dr. Singh in the Department of Radiology at PGIMER.

In addition to her clinical role, Rupinder provides women with essential patient health education focused on the management of sexually transmitted diseases, self-care and personal hygiene as well as reinforcing the importance of early detection for breast and cervical cancer.

This year, Rupinder took on a leadership role in advancing nursing education in India through her mentorship of Indian nursing students from the National Institute of Nursing Education, who are now completing their community health and oncology clinical rotations on the mobile imaging van. A natural leader and teacher, Rupinder exemplifies excellence in nursing practice through her emphasis in teaching students the importance of raising public awareness on the benefits of regular and early screenings as well as recognizing the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, assessing abnormal cervical screenings, and determining appropriate follow up care.

An energetic and positive young nurse, Rupinder’s efforts to assist in the education of Indian nursing students through the Asha Jyoti program (Asha Jyoti means ‘Ray of Hope’ in Hindi) directly supports RAD-AID’s mission to provide sustainable and comprehensive women’s community health outreach focused on health promotion, early detection and disease prevention.

Rupinder sets a great example for continuing education by developing her clinical skills, participating in weekly continuing education and training at the PGIMER medical center. She is eager to participate in future nursing conferences and online training in the area of women’s health.

Though she has only been and RN for a few years, through her diligence and hard work Rupinder has made an incredible impact on student nurses and the thousands of women she has cared for in India!

It’s a joy for the Nurses With Global Impact team to honor Rupinder as one of the recipients of the first annual International Nurses Day award from Nurses With Global Impact, supported by our partners at Life Is Great Global Foundation, RAD-Aid and Philips Corporation.

With gratitude,

– Deb