Nominating Organization: Philips

Fueled by Positive Energy & A Passion for Compassion, Nurse Mary Veronica Robinson Continues Her Life’s Adventure in Service

Mary Veronica Robinson has spent her life being committed to delivering prompt, effective, compassionate care leading to a focus on promoting health and wellness through prevention, and education.

Mary earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Boston College in 1981, then worked a Staff Nurse and Team Leader at Georgetown University Hospital, in the Antepartum/Postpartum department transitioning to the Women’s Oncology Department.

She is a talented educator, specializing in breastfeeding, well-baby care, and nutrition. She has also worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for high risk obstetrical patients.

Mary is well known for her compassion and gentleness, and for her special gift delivering outstanding care in stressful clinical situations.

After moving to Boston, she began working at Brigham and Women’s Hospital postpartum and women’s oncology departments and later took a role as a Cardiac Risk Prevention Program Coordinator at the South Boston Community Health Center. There, Mary was responsible for the recruitment and screening of this ͞high risk͟ population. She designed and conducted more than 50 educational programs and articles covering diet, exercise, stress management.

Mary received her MBA from Simmons College Graduate School of Management in 1987, and today combines her clinical experience and passion with her business acumen. Over the years, Mary has remained focused in understanding the needs and challenges of the clinician and patient, recognizing the vast disparity across the globe.

Mary is driven to deliver ͞innovative͟ solutions that add value and support these needs, including access to diagnostic imaging, specifically ultrasound. She has been recognized for her strategic perspective and application of process improvement, resulting in her nomination to serve of a variety of product and business task force committees.

In the late 1990’s, Mary was an integral member of the Philips product generation team, bringing to the market the first cardiac ͞hand-carried ultrasound͟ system, OptiGo. She remains a strong advocate of access to quality care for every person, everywhere. In her current role as the Marketing Manager for Philips Lumify, Mary is actively engaged in driving the adoption of this ͞breakthrough͟ ultrasound solution.

Mary remains active and engaged in a variety of wellness, prevention, and volunteer roles. For example, when Mary observed the lack of Social Emotional Skills in many young children in underserved communities, she became involved with the Second Step Program. Her experience in the community led Mary to also pursue training in the Project Charlie Program, leading this life skills drug prevention program targeted at primary school children.

Mary is actively engaged in Bicycles Battling Cancer Event, American Heart Association Walks, Habitat for Humanity – Women Building for Women; she has volunteered as a Patient Advocate for cardiology and breast cancer patients and families in understanding their clinical options and navigating the healthcare system, and in 2017 was introduced to the Life is Great Global Foundation, a partner of Nurses With Global Impact.

Mary is excited to volunteer and support their upcoming medical mission with Health Wagon in the rural Appalachia Mountains of Virginia, and we couldn’t be more excited about presenting Mary with the Nurses With Global Impact award at the United Nations on May 12, 2017.

Welcome Mary to a fine group of honorees and thank you for your continuing and very active and loving life of service!

– Deb